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October 30, 2012
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Windows 8 Tiles (For Obly Tile) by lrv94 Windows 8 Tiles (For Obly Tile) by lrv94
I noticed that a lot of the icon ranges for Obly Tile were mainly geared towards Office and the CS6 suite, and that there weren't many custom tiles for system functions such as power off. I have also included a few system utilities and games, and this library will be growing.

If you would like a particular tile, please request it and I'll do my best to make it for you.

I have included versions of most of these tiles with no background, so that you can choose a background colour in Obly Tile, instead of using the one I have given you.

You can download Obly Tile here: [link]

Want to re-distribute these icons? Great, just make sure you link back here.

I have added the following tiles:
- iTunes
- Skype
- uTorrent
- Word
- Excel
- PowerPoint
- OneNote
- Outlook
- Publisher
- Access
- InfoPath
- Lync
- Visio

I have included no background versions of many of the tiles, this allows you to chose the background colour in Obly Tile instead of using my given colour, however I have done my best to include an appropriate colour, often taken from the original icon or logo.
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Can you make a dragon nest tile too ? :D TYVM !
Hi love the icons really good just wondering if you could do an "OblyTile" metro icon in your style and again if possible an icon for "Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer" [link]

Thanks again for the great icons
MercuryX Mar 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
what do I use for the "switch user" tile?? o.o is that in the system32 also? Or do I use Shutdown again for that? And whats the Augment for that?
joker999 Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow so nice! I like it :)

All of CS6? Not just Photoshop

Cant wait to use them :)
I had some of the other CS6 icons made, I just didn't like them that much, so I'll probably end up re-doing them all when I get some time.
Looks great! Just one complaint/comment that's not too important: can you make sure that all the .DS_STORE and other files get deleted before you upload?
Up until very recently (after the latest update of this pack), I primarily used Photoshop on a Mac, but now I have a much more capable PC, so I can monitor the .DS_STORE files and remove them if they are created for what ever reason, however when using the Mac, this is near impossible as by default, any file starting with '.', is hidden, hence when I create the archive, I don't see the .DS_STORE files. I made this pack for a friend of mine who has Windows 8, and decided to share with everyone, it was simply one of those things that wasn't noticed.
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